Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sam Story

I was driving home from Sophia's dance class yesterday with Sam & Sophia. Sam is jabbering on and on as usual, and has been for the 2 hours we waited for Sophia to get out of class while running errands. Finally my patience had run out. Here's where another New Year's Resolution kicks in... my mind is saying "Please shut up!" My heart is saying, "Be patient, he is only 5." Middle of the road me says, "Okay Sam, I'm going to check out for a minute." "What does check out mean, says Sam?" I proceed, hoping to lay ground work and not have to continually explain "Check Out" with, "It means I am going to be quiet, listen to the words of a song, maybe sing the song and just take in the scenery of our world without speaking". "Okay", Sam says, "I'm going to check out too." It lasted for almost one song on the radio! Makes me smile.

New Year 2013